Washer Tournament

Rules and Regulations


• Entry Fee - $50.00 per person

• Players will draw for partners prior too

• On the Board = 1 point

• Leaning over the hole = 3 points

• Washer in the Hole = 5 points


• To determine who will pitch first to start the game a player from each team will pitch one washer to the opposite board and whoever is closest to the hole will start the game.


• Every match played will be best 2 out of 3 games.


• First team to reach 21 points wins. If team or player A reaches 21 and team/player B has yet to pitch their washer, then B will be allowed to pitch and cover points to keep the game going.


• A “Skunk” can be called at 11-0. This will be announced before the tourney so there will be no confusion.


Playing the Game:


- Player A will pitch their 3 washers toward the opposite board followed by player B.

- Scoring will be based on cancellation. If player A scores 5 points and player B scores 4 points, then team A scores 1pt for that


- Equal points cancel each other.




1:30 Team Meeting

2:00 Start Tournament

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